Inglese Italiano
Andrei Chikatilo Andrei Chikatilo
Andrei Gavrilov Andrej Vladimirovič Gavrilov
Andrei Gromyko Andrej Gromyko
Andrei I Bogolyubsky Andrea I di Vladimir
Andrei II of Russia Andrea II di Vladimir
Andrei II of Vladimir Andrea II di Vladimir
Andrei Kanchelskis Andrej Kančelskis
Andrei Karyaka Andrej Karjaka
Andrei Kirilenko Andrei Kirilenko
Andrei Kivilev Andrei Kivilev
Andrei Konchalovsky Andrej Sergeevič Michalkov-Končalovskij
Andrei Lugovoi Andrei Lugovoy
Andrei Markov Andrej Andreevič Markov
Andrei Mironov Andrej Aleksandrovič Mironov
Andrei Platonov Andrej Platonovič Platonov
Andrei Rublev Andrej Rublëv
Andrei Sakharov Andrej Sakharov
Andrei Tarkovsky Andrej Arsen'evič Tarkovskij
Andrei Tchmil Andrei Tchmil
Andrei Tupolev Andrej Nikolaevič Tupolev
Andrei Yeremenko Andrej Ivanovic Eremenko
Andrei Zhdanov Andrej Aleksandrovič Ždanov
Andrej Hauptman Andrej Hauptman
Andrejová Andrejová
Andrejs Pumpurs Andrejs Pumpurs
Andres Vasquez Andres Vasquez
Andrew Andrea
Andrew Adamson Andrew Adamson
Andrew Bertie Andrew Bertie
Andrew Bobola Andrea Bobola
Andrew Bonar Law Andrew Bonar Law
Andrew Carnegie Andrew Carnegie
Andrew Cole Andy Cole
Andrew File System Andrew file system
Andrew Fire Andrew Zachary Fire
Andrew Fletcher Andrew Fletcher
Andrew Hampsten Andrew Hampsten
Andrew Hill Andrew Hill
Andrew Howe Andrew Howe
Andrew Huxley Andrew Huxley
Andrew Jackson Andrew Jackson
Andrew Johnson Andrew Johnson
Andrew Lloyd Webber Andrew Lloyd Webber
Andrew Murray Andrew Murray
Andrew of Wyntoun Andrew of Wyntoun
Andrew Shue Andrew Shue
Andrew Wiles Andrew Wiles
Andrew Wood Andrew Wood
Andrews Air Force Base Base Andrews
Andrewsarchus mongoliensis Andrewsarchus mongoliensis
Andrey Kashechkin Andrey Kashechkin