Italiano Inglese
diciannove nineteen
diciannovesimo nineteenth
diciasette seventeen
diciassette seventeen
Diciassettesima stagione de I Simpson The Simpsons
diciassettesimo seventeenth
Diciottesima stagione de I Simpson The Simpsons
diciottesimo eighteenth
diciotto eighteen
dicitore reciter
dicitrice reciter
dicitura wording
Dick Advocaat Dick Advocaat
Dick Cheney Dick Cheney
Dick Dastardly Dick Dastardly
Dick e Jane - Operazione furto Fun with Dick and Jane
Dick Fosbury Dick Fosbury
Dick Grayson Dick Grayson
Dick Lugar Dick Lugar
Dick Scobee Dick Scobee
Dick Tracy Dick Tracy
Dickin Medal Dickin Medal
Dickite Dickite
Diclofenac Diclofenac
Diclorodifeniltricloroetano DDT
dicloroindofenolo dichloroindophenol
DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
dicotomia dichotomy
Dicraeosauridae Dicraeosauridae
Dicraeosaurus Dicraeosaurus
dicroico dichroic
Dicroismo circolare Circular dichroism
Dictatus Papae Dictatus papae
Dictyostelium Dictyostelid
Didaché Didache
didascalia stage direction
didattica didactics
Didattica assistita dal calcolatore CBT
didatticamente didactically
didattico didactic
Diddl Diddl
Dideba zetsit kurtheuls Dideba zetsit kurtheuls
Didelphidae Didelphimorphia
Didelphis virginiana Virginia Opossum
didgeridoo didgeridoo
didgeridù didgeridoo
Didier Deschamps Didier Deschamps
Didier Drogba Didier Drogba
Didier Pironi Didier Pironi
Didier Ratsiraka Didier Ratsiraka
didietro buttock
didimio didymium
Didimo il Cieco Didymus the Blind
Didio Giuliano Didius Julianus
didjeridoo didgeridoo
didjeridu didgeridoo
Dido Dido
Didone Dido
Didone ed Enea Dido and Æneas
Didymoteicho Didymoteicho
Didì Valdir Pereira
Die Brücke Die Brücke
Die for the Government Die for the Government
Die Freiheitlichen The Libertarians
Die Hard - Vivere o morire Live Free or Die Hard
Die Toten Hosen Die Toten Hosen
Die Wacht am Rhein Die Wacht am Rhein
Diebach Diebach
Dieburg Dieburg
Diebuster Diebuster
dieci ten
Dieci comandamenti Ten Commandments
Dieci piccoli indiani And Then There Were None
diecimila ten thousand
Diedorf Diedorf
diedro dihedral
Dieffenbachia Dieffenbachia
Diego Armando Maradona Diego Maradona
Diego de Almagro Diego de Almagro