Italiano Inglese
ex moglie ex
Ex nihilo nihil fit Nothing comes from nothing
ex officio ex officio
ex tempore offhand
Ex voto Ex-voto
Ex-gay Ex-gay
EXAFS Extended X-Ray Absorption Fine Structure
Exbibit Exbibit
Excalibosaurus costini Excalibosaurus
Excalibur Excalibur
Excalibur Hotel and Casino Excaliber
Excelsior Rotterdam SBV Excelsior
Exchange-traded fund Exchange-traded fund
Exchangeable image file format Exchangeable image file format
Executable and linkable format Executable and Linkable Format
Exergia Exergy
Exeter Exeter
EXistenZ EXistenZ
Exocet Exocet
Exodus Exodus
ExoMars ExoMars
Exopterygota Exopterygota
EXP Special messenger
Expansion pack Addition
Expeditors International Expeditors International
Experimental computing facility XCF
Experimental rock Experimental rock
Explicitly Parallel Instruction Computing Explicitly parallel instruction computing
exploit exploit
Exploited The Exploited
Explosions in the sky Explosions in the Sky
Exposé In an exposed position
Express Yourself Express Yourself
Expressed sequence tag Expressed sequence tag
Exsurge Domine Exsurge Domine
Extended file system Extended file system
Extended play Extended play
ExtendedancEPlay ExtendedancEPlay
Extensible Authentication Protocol Extensible Authentication Protocol
Extensible Firmware Interface Extensible Firmware Interface
Extensible Stylesheet Language Extensible Stylesheet Language
Exterminatus Exterminatus
Externsteine Externsteine
extra particular
Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus Extra Ecclesiam nulla salus
extra- extra-
extracellulare extracellular
extraconiugale extramarital
extradotale extradotal
extragalattico extragalactic
Extragear Extragear
extragiudiziale extrajudicial
extragiuridico extrajudicial
Extraordinary rendition Extraordinary rendition
extrapancreatico extrapancreatic
extrapolare extrapolate
extrasensoriale extrasensory
extrasettore extrasectorial
extrasistolia extrasystolia
extrasistolico extrasystolic
extratemporale extratemporal
extraterrestre alien
extraterritoriale extraterritorial
extraterritorialità extraterritoriality
extravascolare extravascular
extraveicolare extravehicular
Extreme Championship Wrestling Extreme Championship Wrestling
Extreme High Definition Extreme High Definition
Extreme Programming Extreme Programming
Extremely Large Telescope Extremely large telescope
Exultet Exultet
Exuvia Exuvia
Exxon Valdez Exxon Valdez
ExxonMobil ExxonMobil
Eye liner Eye liner
eye-liner liner