Inglese Italiano
Old conveyance Imbarcazione
Old crate Cuccù
Old Dominion Virginia
Old English Antico inglese
Old English language Antico inglese
Old Faithful Geyser Old Faithful
Old fashioned glass Old fashioned glass
Old Firm Old Firm
old folks' home casa di riposo
Old Forest Vecchia Foresta
Old Friends from Young Years Old Friends from Young Years
Old Great Bulgaria Grande Bulgaria
Old growth forest Foresta equatoriale
Old Gutnish Gutnico antico
old hazardous site discarica dismessa
Old King Cole Coel Hen
old landfill site vecchia discarica
Old Lyme Old Lyme
old man vecchia
Old Man and the Sea Il vecchio e il mare
Old Norse Lingua norrena
Old Norse language Norreno antico
Old Nosy Wellington
Old Novgorod dialect Antico dialetto di Novgorod
old people's home casa di riposo
Old Prussia Antica Prussia
Old Prussian Antico prussiano
Old Prussians Prussia
Old Rauma Vecchia Rauma
Old Saxon Antico sassone
Old Saybrook Old Saybrook
Old school hip hop Old school hip hop
Old Slavic Antico slavo ecclesiastico
Old Tbilisi Gerusalemme
Old Testament Vecchio Testamento
old things vecchiume
Old Town of Prague Gerusalemme
Old Trafford Old Trafford
Old Welsh Antico gallese
old woman vegliarda
Old World Vecchio Mondo
Old World flycatcher Muscicapidae
Old World monkey Cercopithecidae
Old World porcupine Hystrix cristata
Old World Swallowtail Papilio machaon
Old World vulture Aegypiinae
Old World warbler Sylviidae
Old-clothes dealer Stracciaiolo
old-established antico
old-fashioned antiquato