Inglese Italiano
to a nicety con estrema precisione
to abuse abusare
To add on Addizione
To administer a dressing down Attrappare
To adress Nominativo
To advertize Fiammifero
To ahnd in Rippore
to and fro avanti e indietro
to appear emersione
to appease calmare
to assemble compilare
to assume assùmere
to attract vestire
To bath Baden
To bawl out Attrappare
to be sua
To be allowed to Maggio
To be an old hand at Intendersi di
To Be and to Have Essere e avere
to be ashamed vergognarsi
To be astonished Miracolo
to be at sua
To be authorized to Maggio
to be badly beaten prendere una batosta
To be capable of Maggio
To be completely taken aback Cascare dalle nuvole
To be convulsed with laughter Sbellicarsi dal ridere
to be deceived by cascarci
To be deficient in Scarseggiare di
To be filming Film
To be flat Essere giù di corda
To be going Aller
to be imminent sovrastare
to be in a hurry avere fretta
To be in accordance with Pari
To be in authority Spadroneggiar
To be in haste Aver fretta
To be in mourning Essere in lutto
To be in need of Richiest
to be in store sovrastare
To be in the mood for Sentirsela
To be in vogue Essere in auge
to be included among apparire
To be instrumental Contribuire a
To be just going to Procinto
To be justified to Maggio
To be lacking in Scarseggiare di
To be laid up Giacere ammalato
To be left holding the bag Farne le spese
To be legal tender Avere corso
To be obstinate Puntarsi
To be of assistance Contribuire a
To be on the increase Steigen
To be on the way up Portare su
To be permitted to Maggio
to be proof provare