Inglese Italiano
to be proof provare
To be running low Tirar giù
To be short of Scarseggiare di
To be sorry about Rammaricarsi di
To be stubborn Puntarsi
To be surprised Miracolo
To be tangent to Affisso
to be typecast as essere inchiodato al ruolo di
To be urgent Calcare
To be washed out Essere giù di corda
to bear esercitare
To become aware of Affisso
To bedraggle Suolo
to beep zirlare
To befog Nebbia
To befoul Suolo
To bend up Aprire piegando
To bind to Appuntarsi
To blow up at Attrappare
to broadcast cèdere
To burn-in Marchio
To buss Bacio
To buy on credit Acquistare a rate
to cancel verniciare
To capitalize on Commercio
To cash Acquistar
To Catch a Thief Caccia al ladro
To catch hold of Affisso
to cause causo
to claim affermare
to clash collidere
to compete concorrere
to conjure up evocare
to consider considerare
to consume esaurire
To content to Limitarsi a
to create produrre
to date fino a ora
To daydream Sogno
To debug Effettuare un debugging
to decide to start risolversi a partire
To defrost Fusione
to deliver fornire
to detect scoprire
to develop sviluppare
to deviate declinare
to device sviluppare
To Die For Da morire
To disaggregate Tagliare a pezzi frazionare
To do conjuring tricks Magia
To dress down Attrappare
to drone rimbombare
To dulcify Süßen
to each his own a ciascuno il suo
to embark imbarcare
to employ occupare
To enjoin Ordine
to err is human errare è umano
To even the score Paraficare
To exert influence Far presente
to expect attendere
to expose comprométtere
To fawn Scorrimento viscoso
To feed on Nutrirsi di
To feel like Sentirsela
To fill in for Sovrascrivere
to fizzle insabbiato
to flare up effervescenza
To fly through theair Air
To fog Nebbia
to force obbligare
To frit Fusione
To get away Venir via
to give notice of depature notificare la partenza