Inglese Italiano
To Have and Have Not Avere e non avere
To hie Fuga
To hurry Fuga
To imbrue Baden
to impend sovrastare
to increase accrèscere
To join in the chorus Coro
To Joy Verso la gioia
To keep abreast Seguire a ruota
To Kill a Mockingbird Il buio oltre la siepe
To knurl Godronatura
to launch decollare
To lay bricks Mauern
To leave ajar Sostegn
To look like Cera
To look out over Affacciarsi su
to look somebody squarely in the eyes guardare qualcuno dritto negli occhi
To Love-Ru To-LOVE-Ru
To make a film Film
To make a noise Destare scalpore
To make a phone call Telefono
To make a project of Progetto
To make a telephone call Telefono
To make fun of Ridersi di
To make reservations Ritentiva
To make the point that Affisso
to match assortito
to me me
To mottle Punto
to my della mia
to my cost dànno
To myself Mi
to no avail inutile
to offer licitare
to one side di traverso
to one's discretion discrezionale
to one's heart's content a volontà
to one's left a sinistra
to one's right a destra
To paginate Numerazione delle pagine
To parenthesise A
To parenthesize A
To peregrinate Trekking
To perforate Lochen
To perform magic Magia
to pieces a pezzi
To place down Documento
To place into inactive file Archivio
To planish Spianare livellare lisciare
To pocket a reproof Inghiottire il rospo
To pocket an affront Inghiottire il rospo
To practise gymnastics Ginnastica
to predict predire
to present regalare
to press spingere
To prestress Porcellana
to produce fabbricare