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across (o)[crossways] di traverso (o)[crossways]
across diàmetro
across oltretomba
across (o)[crossways] di sghembo (o)[crossways]
across (o)[crossways] trasversalmente (o)[crossways]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
across (o)[from side to side] da un lato all'altro (o)[from side to side]
across (o)[from side to side] per traverso (o)[from side to side]
across (o)[crossways] per traverso (o)[crossways]
across (o)[crossways] obliquamente (o)[crossways]
across (o)[from side to side] di traverso (o)[from side to side]
across (o)[direction] dall'altro lato (o)[direction]
across (o)[from side to side] attraverso (o)[from side to side]
across (prep adv n)[bridging a gap] attraverso (prep adv n)[bridging a gap]
across (o)[space] dall'altra parte di (o)[space]
across (o)[space] al di là di (o)[space]
across (o)[space] oltre (o)[space]
across (o)[general] oltre (o)[general]
across (o)[direction] di là (o)[direction]
across sopra {m}

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per acrossIT Traduzioni
beyond [position] jenseits
behind [position] hinter
through [position] (informal durch
by [position] längs
farther [position] weiter
over [position] hinüber
nearby [position] nahe
past [position] Vergangenheit {f}
sideways [back and forth] seitwärts
wobbly [back and forth] wacklig
irregularly [back and forth] unbeständig
from side to side [back and forth] von Wand zu Wand
away [abroad] von hinnen
overseas [abroad] Übersee
transverse [diagonal] querliegend
crosswise [diagonal] quer