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against inverso
against (o) [contra] opposto a (o) [contra]
against (o) [contra] contro (o) [contra]
against (o) [general] contro (o) [general]
against (o) [suggestion] contro (o) [suggestion]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
against (o) [general] contro a (o) [general]
against (o) [suggestion] contro a (o) [suggestion]
against (o) [suggestion] contrario a (o) [suggestion]
against (o) [contra] anti (o) [contra]
against (o) [comparison] a confronto di (o) [comparison]
against (o) [comparison] rispetto a (o) [comparison]
against (o) [comparison] a paragone di (o) [comparison]
against in confronto

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per against IT Traduzioni
opposite [contra] oorkant
toward [contra] na ... toe
next to [touching] naby
despite [regardless of] ten spyte van
notwithstanding [regardless of] ten spyte van
in spite of [regardless of] ten spyte van
beside [side by side] om
equal [side by side] identies
near [position] na
on [position] op