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as regards(o)[about] su(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] circa(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] di(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] intorno a(o)[about]
as regards(o)[about] riguardo a(o)[about]
as regards rispetto a

ENITTraduzioni peras

as(o)[comparison] come(o)[comparison]
as(o)[conjunction] come(o)[conjunction]
as(o)[in the same way as] come(o)[in the same way as]
as(o)[in the same way as] nello stesso modo che(o)[in the same way as]
as tanto
as(o)[reason] perché(o)[reason]
as così
as(o)[reason] poiché(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] visto che(o)[reason]
as(o)[reason] siccome(o)[reason]

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concerning[regarding]per quanto riguarda
as far as[concerning]infino
respecting[concerning]in quanto a
taking into account[in view of]tenendo conto di
considering[in view of]tenendo conto di
because of[in view of]a causa di
inasmuch as[to the extent that]visto che
because[in consideration of]ché