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besides d'altronde
besides (o) [beside] oltre a (o) [beside]
besides (o) [beside] in aggiunta a (o) [beside]
besides anche
besides (o) [beside] oltre (o) [beside]
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besides (o) [furthermore] inoltre (o) [furthermore]
besides (o) [general] inoltre (o) [general]
besides (o) [furthermore] per di più (o) [furthermore]
besides (o) [furthermore] oltre a ciò (o) [furthermore]
besides per lo più

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per besides IT Traduzioni
in addition to [accompanying] zowel als
side by side [accompanying] naast elkaar
likewise [similarly] net zo
furthermore [similarly] bovendien
accompanying [along with] ingesloten
as well as [over and above] zowel als
aside from [over and above] naast
beyond [over and above] verderop
apart from [over and above] zowel als
else [over and above] ander
anyway [furthermore] op welke wijze ook
also [furthermore] tevens
moreover [furthermore] trouwens
in addition [furthermore] daarnaast
as well [in addition] bovendien
along [in addition] langs
in that case [purpose] in dat geval
therefore [purpose] waardoor (adv)
thus [purpose] aldus
therewith [purpose] daarmee