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EN Inglese IT Italiano
collection (n) [activity of collecting] raccolta (n) {f} [activity of collecting]
collection (n) [hobby] raccolta (n) {f} [hobby]
collection incasso {m}
collection (n) [taxes] riscossione (n) {f} [taxes]
collection (n) [taxes] esazione (n) {f} [taxes]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
collection (n) [money] colletta (n) {f} [money]
collection (n) [postal service] levata (n) {f} [postal service]
collection (n) [hobby] collezione (n) {f} [hobby]
collection collezkone

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per collection IT Traduzioni
book [collection of works] boek
set [aggregation] toestel
multitude [aggregation] stapel
bank [heap] oewer
assemblage [heap] vergadering
cock [heap] mannetjie
mass [heap] mis
pile [heap] stapel
pack [quantity] pakket
outfit [quantity] pak klere
joining [assembling] aansluiting
material [set of useful items] materieel
heap [pile] stapel
bunch [pile] bondel
treasure [hidden reserve] skat
reserve [hidden reserve] bestel
catalogue [anthology] katalogus
gathering [assemblage] vergadering
crowd [assemblage] stapel
group [amount] groep