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EN IT Traduzioni perdifferences

EN IT Traduzioni perbetween

between (o) [position] tra (o) [position]
between (o) [among] tra (o) [among]
between (o) [position] fra (o) [position]
between (o) [among] fra (o) [among]
between (o) [among] in mezzo a (o) [among]
between tra
between frà
between in mezzo
between (contraction n) [combined by effort or ownership] tra (contraction n) [combined by effort or ownership]

EN IT Traduzioni permalay

Malay (a) [general] malese (a) {m} [general]
Malay (n) [language] malese (n) {m} [language]
Malay (n) [ethnology - man] malese (n) {m} [ethnology - man]
Malay (n) [ethnology - woman] malese (n) {m} [ethnology - woman]
Malay Lingua malese

EN IT Traduzioni perand

and (o) [conjunction] e (o) [conjunction]
and (o) [conjunction] ed (o) [conjunction]
and e

EN IT Traduzioni perindonesian

indonesian indonesiano {m}
Indonesian (a) [general] indonesiano (a) {m} [general]
Indonesian (n) [ethnology - man] indonesiano (n) {m} [ethnology - man]
Indonesian (n) [ethnology - woman] indonesiana (n) {f} [ethnology - woman]
Indonesian indonesiano {m}
Indonesian Lingua indonesiana