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directed edge (n) [ordered pair of nodes] (n) arco (n) {m} [ordered pair of nodes]
directed edge (n) [ordered pair of nodes] (n) spigolo orientato (n) [ordered pair of nodes] (n)

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edge (n) [knife] taglio (n) {m} [knife]
edge (n) [knife] filo (n) {m} [knife]
edge (n) [border] bordura (n) {f} [border]
edge (n) [border] bordo (n) {m} [border]
edge (n) [border] orlatura (n) {f} [border]
edge (n) [border] orlo (n) {m} [border]
edge (n v) [an advantage] vantaggio (n v) {m} [an advantage]
edge (n) [forest] margine (n) {m} [forest]
edge (n) [knife] parte tagliente (n) {f} [knife]
edge (v) [general]
  • edged
  • edge
  • edge
  • edged
  • edged
bordare (v) [general]
  • bordando
  • avrai bordato
  • avranno bordato