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EN Inglese IT Italiano
invalid (a) [health] invalido (a) {m} [health]
invalid (n) [person - man] invalido (n) {m} [person - man]
invalid (a) [argument] infondato (a) [argument]
invalid (a) [health] infermo (a) {m} [health]
invalid (n) [person - man] infermo (n) {m} [person - man]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
invalid (n) [person - woman] invalida (n) {f} [person - woman]
invalid (n) [person - woman] inferma (n) {f} [person - woman]
invalid (a) [law] nullo (a) [law]
invalid (a) [law] non valido (a) [law]
invalid (a) [argument] poco valido (a) [argument]

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per invalid IT Traduzioni
inferior [property] inférieur
defective [property] défectueux
poor [property] pauvre {m}
faulty [property] défectueux
inadequate [property] inadéquat
unsound [property] de santé chancelante
shabby [property] moche (informal)
bad [property] fonceuse {f}
worthless [null and void] nulle (adj)
meaningless [null and void] dénué de sens
useless [null and void] oiseux
vain [null and void] frivole
ineffective [null and void] inefficace
ineffectual [null and void] sans effet
void [null and void] annulé
sick [bedridden] malade {m}
sickly [bedridden] délicat
disabled [bedridden] invalide {m}
infirm [bedridden] invalide {m}
convalescent [bedridden] se rétablissant