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outlook vista {f}
outlook (n) [thought] opinione (n) {f} [thought]
outlook vedute {f}
outlook (n) [thought] attitudine (n) {f} [thought]
outlook veduta {f}
EN Inglese IT Italiano
outlook (n) [future] prospettiva (n) {f} [future]

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per outlook IT Traduzioni
stand [perspective] être debout
point of view [perspective] angle {m}
position [perspective] mettre en place
posture [perspective] pose {f}
viewpoint [perspective] angle {m}
opinion [perspective] avis {m}
attitude [perspective] attitude {f}
perspective [point of view] dessin en perspective {m}
slant [point of view] connotation {f}
point [point of view] point {m}
standpoint [point of view] point de vue {m}
angle [point of view] être en pente
expectation [confident expectation] attente {f}
expectancy [confident expectation] expectative
prospect [confident expectation] prospect {m}
anticipation [confident expectation] espérance {f}
exposure [attitude] exposition {f}
bearing [attitude] porteur {m}
presence [attitude] présence {f}
light [attitude] lumière {f}