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past (n) [time] passato (n) {m} [time]
past ancor prima
past (n) [military] precedenti (n) [military] (mp)
past (a) [time] scorso (a) [time]
past (a) [event] scorso (a) [event]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
past (o) [time] più tardi di (o) [time]
past (a) [event] precedente (a) {m} [event]
past (a) [time] svanito (a) {m} [time]
past (a) [time] trascorso (a) [time]
past (a) [time] passato (a) {m} [time]
past (a) [time] ultimo (a) {m} [time]
past (n) [military] passato (n) {m} [military]
past (a) [event] passato (a) {m} [event]
past (n) [military] stato di servizio (n) {m} [military]
past (n) [employment] stato di servizio (n) {m} [employment]
past (o) [possibility] al di là di (o) [possibility]
past (o) [time] oltre (o) [time]
past (o) [location] oltre (o) [location]
past (o) [time] dopo (o) [time]

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per past IT Traduzioni
gone [property] borta
over [property] till övers
finished [property] avslutat
done [property] gjort
bygone [property] föråldrad
forgotten [property] glömd
gone by [property] förgången
antiquity [time] antiken (invariable)
history [time] historia (u)
long ago [time] länge sedan
days of yore [time] fordom
beyond [position] utom
behind [position] efter
through [position] (informal igenom
by [position] längs med
farther [position] längre
across [position] genom
nearby [position] närbelägen
dead [ceased to exist] dåd
extinct [ceased to exist] slocknad