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since (o) [reason] siccome (o) [reason]
since dacchè
since (adv prep conj) [because] sicché (adv prep conj) [because] (adv prep conj)
since (adv prep conj) [because] dacché (adv prep conj) [because] (adv prep conj)
since perchè
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since (adv prep conj) [because] giacché (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [time] da allora (o) [time]
since (o) [time] nel frattempo (o) [time]
since (a) [time] fa (a) {m} [time]
since (o) [reason] dato che (o) [reason]
since (o) [time] dopo (o) [time]
since (adv prep conj) [because] siccome (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [reason] visto che (o) [reason]
since (o) [reason] poiché (o) [reason]
since (adv prep conj) [because] poiché (adv prep conj) [because]
since (o) [time] da (o) [time]
since (o) [reason] perché (o) [reason]
since (o) [conjunction] perché (o) [conjunction]
since (o) [time] poi (o) [time]

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per since IT Traduzioni
following [position] følgende
behind [position] bak
below [position] ned
next [position] bak
after [position] etter
because [part of speech] fordi
inasmuch as [part of speech] ettersom
as [part of speech] som
during [while] i løpet av
whilst [while] mens
subsequently [sequence] bak
ago [time] siden
for [because] fordi
whereas [because] mens derimot