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Vai a
that one
that one(o)[demonstrative] quello(o)[demonstrative]
that one(pronoun)[specified object] quello(pronoun)[specified object]
that one(o)[demonstrative] quella(o)[demonstrative]
that one il

ENITTraduzioni perthat

that questo
that(o)[conjunction] che(o)[conjunction]
that(o)[demonstrative] che(o)[demonstrative]
that(o)[relative pron. - direct object - pl.] che(o)[relative pron. - direct object - pl.]
that(o)[relative pron. - direct object - sg.] che(o)[relative pron. - direct object - sg.]
that(o)[relative pron. - object - pl.] che(o)[relative pron. - object - pl.]
that(o)[relative pron. - object - sg.] che(o)[relative pron. - object - sg.]
that(o)[relative pron. - subject - sg.] che(o)[relative pron. - subject - sg.]
that(o)[intensifier] tanto(o)[intensifier]
that(conj determiner pronoun adv)[connecting a clause indicating purpose] perché(conj determiner pronoun adv)[connecting a clause indicating purpose]

ENITTraduzioni perone

one questo
one quello
one(a)[general] un(a)[general]
one(a)[indefinite determiner] un(a)[indefinite determiner]
one(a)[general] una(a)[general]
one(a)[indefinite determiner] una(a)[indefinite determiner]
one(a)[indefinite determiner] un certo(a)[indefinite determiner]
one(a)[indefinite determiner] una certa(a)[indefinite determiner]
one uno{m}
one(n)[cardinal number] uno(n){m}[cardinal number]