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EN Inglese IT Italiano
without thought (o) [reasoning] senza pensare (o) [reasoning]
without thought (o) [reasoning] senza riflettere (o) [reasoning]

EN IT Traduzioni perwithout

without (o) [void of] sprovvisto di (o) [void of]
without (o) [void of] privo di (o) [void of]
without senza
without (o) [lack] senza (o) [lack]
without (o) [supply] senza (o) [supply]
without (o) [void of] senza (o) [void of]

EN IT Traduzioni perthought

thought (n) [purpose] intenzione (n) {f} [purpose]
thought (n) [purpose] proposito (n) {m} [purpose]
thought (n) [mental activity] pensare (n) {m} [mental activity]
thought (n) [mental activity] riflessione (n) {f} [mental activity]
thought (n) [consideration] considerazione (n) {f} [consideration]
thought (n) [consideration] attenzione (n) {f} [consideration]
thought idea {f}
thought (n) [form created in the mind] idea (n) {f} [form created in the mind]
thought (n) [mental activity] idea (n) {f} [mental activity]
thought (n) [mental activity] pensiero (n) {m} [mental activity]