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(n v)[line of objects](数学) serie(n v){f}[line of objects]
(n v)[layer or rank](数学) strato(n v){m}[layer or rank]
(n v)[line of objects](数学) successione(n v){f}[line of objects]
(n v)[column of people](数学) fila(n v)[column of people](informal)
(n v)[line of objects](数学) fila(n v)[line of objects](informal)
(n)[vertical line of entries in a table](数学) colonna(n){f}[vertical line of entries in a table]
(n v)[line of objects](数学) sequenza(n v){f}[line of objects]
(n v)[computing: sequence of characters](数学) stringa(n v)[computing: sequence of characters]
(n v)[layer or rank](数学) ripiano(n v)[layer or rank]
(数学) Successione(matematica)
(n v)[computing: sequence of characters](数学) sequenza di caratteri(n v)[computing: sequence of characters](n v)