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Parole simili a cross the rubicon

  1. 1
    Significato: position
    on all sides about near nearby
    circuitously in circumference around
  2. 2
    Significato: ambience
    character impression sense milieu (formal)
    feel decor taste atmosphere
  3. 3
    Significato: scold
    chide reprimand rebuke (formal) reprove (formal)
    castigate censure correct admonish (formal)
  4. 4
    Significato: prudent
    advantageous fitting wise (arch.) correct
    desirable expedient judicious (formal) advisable
  5. 5
    Significato: fortitude
    character determination integrity firmness
    courage guts resolution backbone
  6. 6
    Significato: condemned to hell
    condemned cursed accursed unfortunate
    unhappy infernal (literature) reprobate (formal) damned