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  1. 1
    Significato: pay
    compensate liquidate settle discharge repay
  1. 2
    Significato: action
    lower sink dull depress drop
    settle dip reduce squash
  2. 3
    Significato: move downward
    sink plunge dip alight
    descend settle come down on go down
  3. 4
    Significato: iron out
    resolve settle come to terms
    solve compromise straighten out
  4. 5
    Significato: agree upon
    fix establish settle determine
    appoint prescribe arrange agree on
  1. 6
    Significato: activity
    referee mediate arbitrate adjudicate judge
    decide settle negotiate umpire
  2. 7
    Significato: place
    locate put settle situate
    discover fix position
  3. 8
    Significato: land
    alight perch roost
    set down settle touch down
  4. 9
    Significato: adjust
    accord reconcile settle harmonise
    harmonize compose make up attune
  5. 10
    Significato: trade
    handle bargain negotiate come to terms
    deal serve settle treat
  6. 11
    Significato: pay off a debt
    settle repay reimburse pay
    clear cancel discharge liquidate
  7. 12
    Significato: conclude
    finish off complete settle close
    bring to an end finish wrap up
  8. 13
    Significato: descend
    dip sag droop set
    incline settle decline
  9. 14
    Significato: establish
    found blaze explore settle colonise
    colonize discover initiate pioneer
  10. 15
    Significato: work out
    settle discuss resolve conclude
    debate decide hash out
  11. 16
    Significato: appease
    pacify settle conciliate placate
    accord assuage propitiate reconcile
  12. 17
    Significato: decide
    conclude resolve settle determine
  13. 18
    Significato: lower
    sink dull squash drop
    settle dip reduce depress
  14. 19
    Significato: straighten out
    resolve settle come to terms
    solve compromise iron out
  15. 20
    Significato: determine
    resolve confirm decide settle
    arrange close conclude
  16. 21
    Significato: position
    put lay place dispose settle
  17. 22
    Significato: accommodation
    colonise colonize inhabit squat locate
    lodge reside dwell settle
  18. 23
    Significato: finance
    pay compensate liquidate
    repay discharge settle
  19. 24
    Significato: effect
    define conclude determine establish
    limit settle fix

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