Inglese Italiano
to produce fabbricare
To profit by Godersi di
to promise promettere
to provide fornire
to put it briefly in breve
To put on the market Commercio
to raise sollevare un pò
To rappel Discesa in corda doppia
To raster Reticolo
to realise realizzare
To Record Only Water for Ten Days To Record Only Water for Ten Days
To reign Dominio
to require necessitare
to reveal asserzioni
To reverse the polarity of Invertire la polarità
To rope down Discesa in corda doppia
to rush smaniare
to say the least a dir poco
To scuba-dive Salsa
To scuff Pugilato
to shatter frantumare
To shuttle around Fare avanti e indietro
To sing in chorus Coro
To skin-dive Salsa
to slash stracciare
To smote Tiro
to some degree fino a un certo punto
to some extent in certo qual modo
To souse Salsa
To spall Sgretolare sbocconcellare frantumare
to spare d'avanzo
To speak to Nominativo
to spoil viziare
To spread with gravel Kiesen
To spur on Accalparsi
To stipple Punto
To stonewall Mauern
To stop-off Smettersi
to subject soggiogare
To subjoin Addizione
to such a degree così
to such an extent così
to support fiancheggiare
to suppose assùmere
to survive sopportare
to suspect sospettare
To syntonize Elezione
To syphon Vuoto
To take a bath Baden
To take a chance Autobus
To take a cut Battere cassa
To take courses Apprendimento
To take hold of Affisso
To take lessons Apprendimento
To take part in Contribuire a
to take place luogo
To tapper off Tirar giù
To teleview Televisione
to that place
to the amount of ammontante a