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additional (a) [person] assistente (a) {m} [person]
additional (a) [objects] ausiliario (a) [objects]
additional (a) [objects] ausiliare (a) [objects]
additional (a) [person] ausiliare (a) [person]
additional (a) [objects] sussidiario (a) [objects]
EN Inglese IT Italiano
additional (adj) [Supplemental or added to] addizionale (adj) [Supplemental or added to]
additional (a) [information] addizionale (a) [information]
additional (a) [information] supplementare (a) [information]
additional (a) [information] aggiuntivo (a) [information]
additional (a) [information] extra (a) {m} [information]
additional (a) [person] di sostegno (a) [person]
additional (a) [person] d'aiuto (a) [person]

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per additional IT Traduzioni
other [part of speech] annan
different [part of speech] olik
extra [part of speech] extra
else [part of speech] annat
spare [excess] skona
superfluous [excess] överflödig
reserved [excess] sluten
subsequent [in addition] påföljande
more [in addition] vidare
further [in addition] vidare
excess [quantity] överskott {n}