Italiano Inglese
stare sulle proprie keep oneself apart from
Stare sull´avviso Be on the alert
stare sveglio watch
Stare zitti Keep quiet about
Starfire Starfire
Stargard Szczeciński Stargard Szczeciński
Stargate Stargate
Stargate Atlantis Stargate Atlantis
Stargate Infinity Stargate Infinity
Stari Most Stari most
Stari Ras Stari Ras
Starkaðr Starkad
Starkers in Tokyo Starkers in Tokyo
starlet starlet
Starman Starman
Starmap Mobile Alliance Starmap Mobile Alliance
Starnberg Starnberg
starnutire sneeze
starnuto sneeze
Starodub-sul-Kljazma Starodub-on-the-Klyazma
StarOffice StarOffice
Starogard Gdański Starogard Gdański
Starosta Starosta
StarQuest Space Crusade
Starrcade Starrcade
Starrkirch-Wil Starrkirch-Wil
Stars Are Blind Stars Are Blind
Starscape Starscape
starsene stay put
Starsene chiotto Stop talking
Starship Troopers - Fanteria dello spazio Starship Troopers
Starsky e Hutch Starsky and Hutch
Start from the Dark Start from the Dark
starter choke
Starvation Resource starvation
Staryj Oskol Stary Oskol
Starzach Starzach
Starzinger Starzinger
Stará Bystrica Stará Bystrica
Stará Huta Stará Huta
Stará Kremnička Stará Kremnička
Staré Hory Staré Hory
Staré Město Staré Město
Starý Smokovec Starý Smokovec
Starčevo Starčevo culture
Starše Starše
stasare unstop
stasera tonight
stasi inactivity
Stass Allie List of minor Star Wars characters
statale public
statalismo statism
Statcoulomb Statcoulomb
Staten Island Staten Island
Statheriano Statherian
Stati Baltici Baltic countries
Stati barbareschi Barbary Coast
Stati Confederati d'America Confederate States of America
Stati crociati Crusader states
Stati del Brasile States of Brazil
Stati del mondo List of countries
Stati della Malaysia States of Malaysia
Stati della materia Phase
Stati della Nigeria States of Nigeria
Stati di allucinazione Altered States
Stati e amministrazioni postali List of entities that have issued postage stamps
Stati federati della Germania States of Germany
Stati Federati di Micronesia Micronesian
Stati generali States General
Stati per continente List of countries by continent
Stati post-sovietici Post-Soviet states
Stati Uniti America
Stati Uniti alle Olimpiadi United States at the Olympics
Stati Uniti d'America America
Stati Uniti d´America United States
Static Shock Static Shock
statica statics
statico static
Statino Processor register
Statio Tranquillitatis Tranquility Base
Station to Station Station to Station
Statira Stateira II
statistica statistics