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away (o) [distance] lontano (o) {m} [distance]
away (o) [aside] da parte (o) [aside]
away (o) [aside] via (o) {f} [aside]
away (o) [distance] via (o) {f} [distance]
away distante
EN Inglese IT Italiano
away strada {f}
away perso

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per away IT Traduzioni
disconnected [apart] incoerente
divided [apart] cortado
distant [apart] remotose
aloof [not too close] a distância (adv adj)
afar [not too close] (literature longe
off [not too close] soltoa
backward [direction] para trás
to the rear [direction] à ré
rearward [direction] atrás
back [direction] beque (adj adv n v)
abroad [place] no exterior
separately [time or position] separadamente
alone [time or position] sozinho
individually [time or position] individualmente
exclusively [time or position] exclusivamente
to one side [time or position] enviesado
apart [time or position] de lado
out [state] foraoesa
gone [state] acabadoto
lacking [state] ausenteo