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EN Inglese IT Italiano
with reference to (o) [connection] riguardante (o) [connection]
with reference to (o) [connection] a proposito di (o) [connection]
with reference to (o) [connection] concernente (o) [connection]
with reference to (o) [connection] in riferimento a (o) [connection]

EN IT Traduzioni perwith

with (o) [in the company of] insieme a (o) [in the company of]
with (o) [feature] da (o) [feature]
with con
with (o) [at the same rate as] con (o) [at the same rate as]
with (o) [feature] con (o) [feature]
with (o) [general] con (o) [general]
with (o) [in the case of] con (o) [in the case of]
with (o) [in the company of] con (o) [in the company of]

EN IT Traduzioni perreference

reference (n) [situation] allusione (n) {f} [situation]
reference (n) [situation] accenno (n) {m} [situation]
reference (n) [books] riferimento (n) {m} [books]
reference (n) [situation] riferimento (n) {m} [situation]
reference (n) [information] consultazione (n) {f} [information]
reference raccomandazione {f}
reference (n) [document] referenza (n) {f} [document]
reference (n) [person] referenza (n) {f} [person]
reference biasimo {m}
reference (n) [books] rimando (n) {m} [books]

EN IT Traduzioni perto

to (o) [time] meno (o) {m} [time]
to (o) [direction] su (o) [direction]
to alle
to (o) [general] per (o) [general]
to (particle prep adv) [in the direction of, and arriving at] per (particle prep adv) [in the direction of, and arriving at]
to (o) [reason] per (o) [reason]
to a
to (o) [destination] a (o) [destination]
to (o) [direction] a (o) [direction]
to (o) [general] a (o) [general]