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out da
out (o) [location] fuori (o) [location]
out fuori da
out al di fuori di

Inglese Italiano traduzioni

EN Sinonimi per out IT Traduzioni
put out [extinguished] udslukke (v)
away [state] bort
gone [state] væk
absent [state] fraværende
hence [departure] herfra
on [departure]
from [departure] udi
external [outside] ydre
outer [outside] yderst
open [outside] lukke op
out of [part of speech] ud
escape [means] undfly
excuse [means] undskylde
explanation [means] forklaring (n)
outside [place] udenfor
distant [position] fjernt
beyond [position] forbi (prep adv adj n)
finished [stop] færdig
without [property] uden
free [out on bail] gratis